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Glow Powder or photo luminous Glow Pigment as it is sometimes called, is the raw material used in the manufacture of all glow in the dark products. We carry the full range of glow in the dark powder pigments. This range is divided into different grades according to glowing brightness, length of glow and color of glow. Our range starts from the lowest grade, to the highest grade, which can glow for more than 16 hours. There are no higher grades than this, at present.This glow in the dark powder pigment works by absorbing and releasing light energy, in a continuous cycle.

When the surrounding is bright, it absorbs light energy and releases this light energy when it is dark.Glow Powder can be re-charged many times over just by exposing it to any light source, preferably those with Ultra Violet rays like sunlight or ambient light, including regular indoor light. Glow Powder shelf life of more than 10 years.

Glow powder is used for the production of other raw materials or products like: Glow Paint and Inks for brush painting, spray painting, printing, etc... Luminous Sticker for signage, decoration, path markers, etc.. Plastic Masterbatch Pellets for the production of glow in the dark plastic products. Luminous Thread and Fibre for the production of glow cloth, ropes, carpets, etc..

The most common use of glow powder is to produce glow in the dark paint. This is pretty straight forward as you just have to mix the powder and paint and start painting. As easy as it may sound, some experience and know how is required. The Twilight Glow Paint kit would help anyone use glow paint professionally.
As mentioned above, glow powder can be used in a wide spectrum of other applications like plastic, glass, thread, etc...

We will now proceed to explain the differences between the various types of glow powder we carry. This section only deals with the raw material (glow powder). If you are interested in glow inks, paints, stickers or other material, please click on the appropriate link above.

Glow powder is sold in different particle / mesh size. Different particle size have different luminous properties and are suited for different applications. See table below for details.

Wonder Glo glow powder body color is cream or light green can glow Green, White, Sky Blue, Aqua Blue, Violet, Red, Yellow , and Orange.

  Wonder Glo Paint & Ink  
This section is about Wonder Glo Photo Luminous Glow in the Dark inks and Paints. Difference between glow inks and glow paints is that paints are meant to be applied by brush or spray. Inks are more for printing purposes like silk-screen printing and offset printing. We carry 2 types of Pre-mixed, Photo Luminous Glow in the Dark Inks. One is meant for silk screen printing and the other for offset printing. Within these 2 types, we have different grades meant for different surfaces. Pre-mixed glow inks comes in the standard green-glow color.
Silk screen inks are available in other colors but this is sold un-mixed.
These inks come pre-mixed with our long glow powder and ready for immediate use. There are different inks for different applications and surfaces. The inks are available in a standard color of 'Cream' under normal light, with a 'Light Green' glow color, in the dark. The table below shows the different types of glow inks we carry.
  Wonder Glo Stickers  
Wonder Glo Photo Luminescent Sticker Film and board are PVC sheets with glow material applied on them. Glow sticker film and board are two different products. Glow film is made from soft PVC and is flexible and can be cut easily into any required shape, either with a pair of scissors or by die cutting. Glow Stickers come with adhesive backing. Glow board is made from hard PVC and is a rigid and non-flexible.

These luminous products come with or without a layer of transparent protective sheet.
The purpose of this sheet is to provide additional protection to the glow surface. The layer must be removed if you intend to do any sort of printing on this material. Silk Screen Printing are the only direct printing methods suitable for this product. Printing is also possible with special modifications to the surface.

You can also choose between adhesive and non-adhesive backing. Adhesive backing enables the film or board to be stuck on any normal, flat surface, free from oil or grease. While this product can be used outdoors, the adhesive is not strong enough for outdoor use.

This product is a finished product and can be used to create glow signs, designs (by indirect printing), labels, or route markers in emergency situations .

This product comes in 2 grades.

PVC sheets Glow over 16 hours & up to12 hours

  Wonder Glo Plastic & Rubber  
Wonder Glo Plastic Pellets / Master Batches are specially manufactured for Plastic Injection Molding purposes. Plastic molding is used mainly for the production of glow in the dark, plastic products like plastic toys, plastic casings, plastic credit cards, etc...

You could still manufacture plastic products that glow by mixing the glow powder directly into plastic and molding but anyone who has tried it would know that it is easier said than done. Which is why we created plastic pellets, which already contain the glow powder.
All you have to do is to melt it and mold it into your required shape.

Using Glow Master Batch Pellets, is the best way to produce glow in the dark plastic products, but it is also very costly. Reason for this is because you would need to create a mold, usually out of cast steel. Cost for this alone can run into thousands of dollars. So unless you are thinking of manufacturing this in large quantities, it is not worth it. Cheaper alternate methods of applying glow to plastic would be painting.

The following types of Ready Made Plastic Pellets are available

PP, PE, AS, ABS, PC and PS

Standard color of the pellets are cream or off-white and the glow color is White, Green, Violet, Sky-blue, Aqua-blue & color of the pellets are Red, Yellow, Orange its glow like same.

We can also produce Luminous Plastic Master Batch Pellets according to your specifications but we won’t a minimum order is required. Send in your enquiries for special requirements to mail to
  Wonder Glo Thread  
Glow in the Dark Fiber Thread and Glow in the Dark Fiber are raw materials used to produce different glow in the dark fabric material. Glow in the dark thread can be used to produce glow cloth or to sew glow designs on cloth. Can also be used for quilting and embroidery. Glow in the dark fiber can be used to produce glow ropes, luminous fishing nets, glow carpets and knitted goods.

We only carry one type of glow thread but we have it in various colors. Glow color is White, Green, Violet, Sky-blue, Aqua-blue, red, orange and yellow.
There are a few types of glow fiber available. Different types are meant for the production of different products.

This product is sold in spools, just like normal thread and is available in various colors. Glow time is given as based on our tests. Actual glow time may vary, as performance of this product is dependant on environmental conditions like temperature and lighting conditions.

Properties: High intensity Photo Luminescent Thread

Applications: Machine stitching or embroidery cloth, badges, tags, etc.

  Wonder Glo Ceramic  
Glow in the Dark Ceramic Glaze comes in powder form and is suitable for applying on or under glaze or directly on Ceramic products like ceramic tile, to produce Glow in the Dark designs on ceramic products. This product can be applied by painting, pouring or firing between temperatures of 800 - 1050°C. You can find out more about ceramics and how to work with them at Ceramics Today.
This product comes in powder form and is suitable for applying on or under glaze or directly on ceramic products like ceramic tiles, to produce glow in the dark designs on ceramic products.

This product can be applied by painting, pouring or firing under temperatures of 1050°C.
  wonder Glo Emergency Sign  
wonder Glo Emergency Sign Glow in the Dark materials can be a great addition to a "lights out" evacuation guidance system. It is not appropriate or adequate to use this as your only lighting system and is far from a replacement for proper battery powered exit signs.
It is best used to mark the edges of stairs or to define a walkway through a warehouse.

wonder Glo photo-luminescent signs absorb and store energy from ambient fluorescent light to glow in total darkness. Non-electric signs are 100% reliable, easy to install, and virtually maintenance free.
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