Wonder Glo Galaxy  
Invite Romantic Moments under the night sky into every night of your life under the Galaxy by wonder Glo.

Imagine-it is summer. You are laying together in a lovely meadow, surround by majestic mountain peaks. A warm gentle breeze brings the distance chirping of crickets to wake you…

As you both awaken, your eyes get larger… your mouth opens and looking up…you are surprised as you discover the most beautiful, wonder Glo galaxy imaginable.
Thousands of stars gently glowing in the night. And look there is a shooting star! Isn’t that the constellation Orion? Yes! And there’s Pegasus, the flying horse! You see the princess Andromeda, the north star, and more! But that Old Milky way is simply exquisite as it stretches out high overhead.

Our twinkling stars, brings twinkling smiles on your child’s face. Also give your child Education

We will install permanent stars on any ceiling you choose, 3-dimensional painting of the night time sky, with hundreds of stars, Including constellations, the Milky Way Galaxy, and even shooting stars.

The painting is invisible during the day… So, it won’t interfere with any decorating scheme. At night, or when the lights are turned off…. The results are astonishing, it appears that the ceiling has been removed, and what you see above you is the most incredible, WONDER GLO GALAXY imaginable. Not just any night time sky…but a crystal clear evening, high stop a mountain valley, above4 the clouds! Hundreds o stars are visible.

The ordinary ceiling dissolves away at night, as the stars magically begin to shine…
Thousands of glowing starts, constellations, and the milky way galaxy, View the heavens as they were meant to be seen, before the city lights ruined the view. For every room, in every home and hotel. Educational for children and stress-relieving and romantic for adults.

Lights of happiness are glow with stars filled Sky of your Own

A permanent painting, any ceiling, any room, invisible during the day. Won’t interfere with decorating scheme, thousand of starts, constellations, Milky way galaxy and shooting star.

We are using Green, White, Sky Blue, Aqua Blue, Violet , in our Wonder Glo Galaxy


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