About Us  
Universal Marketing is an international distributor for Wonder Glo ( Regester Tread Mark ) Glow in the Dark products. With years of experience behind us and with the widest variety of Glow in the Dark Products, we are capable of handling all your enquiries or requirements, concerning glow in the dark.

Universal Marketing has been dealing with glow in the dark products, since a very long time. Back then, not many were aware of this technology, leave alone use it. We brought in the raw material, (Glow Powder) and from there, developed a wide range of other products.
We know our products and its capabilities well.We do not make false claims like having the brightest or invisible glow products as there is no such thing.Some of our competitors like to use MSDS terms like mcd/m2, to claim that they carry the brightest glow products in the market.



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