Wonder Glo Photo Frame  
Wonder glo photograph is the newest innovation in Glow in dark technology, which looks like normal photograph in day light and will glow by its own in the darkle .

Wonder Glo photograph is a new kind of rechargeabluminous product made out of alkaline earth aluminate activated by rare earth ions. Wonder Glo photograph non-toxic and non-radioactive.

The basic structure of the particle is crystalline, which has a tremendous capacity of absorbing, storing, and emitting light.
The crystals absorb any ambient light, including regular indoor light.

Wonder Glo Photo frame is a new product developed specifically for peoples who won’t to make any photograph is convert in to wonder Glo photograph like God, Goddess, Family Members or Guruji, Natural Scenes or it’s Own. The possibilities with this product are endless. You can design and make any photograph is convert in to wonder Glo photograph.

Wonder Glo photograph can be used both indoors and outdoors and it’s life more than 10 years. Wonder glo photograph can glow for more than 10 hours in the dark. Recharge by exposing it to light and it glows again


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